The Viking Ocean and River Cruises fleet is synonymous with luxury and comfort.

The state-of-the art ships are highly rated for safety although their design harkens back to the time when the mere mention of the word Viking was enough to leave the rest of Europe quaking in fear. Of course, passengers are not expected to also make the voyage like the Vikings.

We explore where no big ships dare to tread. These are not found in your local tourist destination brochures. Each of our ships can accommodate nearly 1,000 guests. The modern—but with a touch of Scandinavian design—is specifically engineered were we can visit the sights not seen by your average tourist.

The world is your oyster, so to speak. That’s a good analogy, in fact, considering that the earth is two-thirds water. You might think that you go for days only seeing the ocean, or stay in your bunker the whole time getting bored. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those who tried our luxurious cruises always marvel at the things they see.


We take you to places you’ve only dreamed about or seen in the movies or read in books. Our chefs are one of the best in the world serving scrumptious buffet that can rival even the Michelin-rated land-based restaurants. We hosted lavish weddings, debuts, reunions, and birthday parties, or intimate engagement dinners for when one of our guests pop the question. There’s no small detail that we haven’t thought about, and no personal need of any of our passengers that we haven’t anticipated.

Our restaurant has a panoramic 360-degree view, which gives you an unobstructed sight of what the world outside of your borders has to offer.

Depending on your cruise, we will visit historic cities, ancient municipalities, world’s greatest beaches, romantic destinations, and Virgin Islands. We immerse in different cultures, soak in local customs and traditions, and sample local cuisines. Every day is an adventure when you travel with us.

The fact is that an ocean or river cruise is the last thing that families choose when they go on a trip. There’s a misconception about the cruise being very expensive, or only for old people and retirees. But more and more people have discovered the value of going on a cruise. For instance, the revenue of the cruise industry since 2008 already reached more than $35 billion. Guests, meanwhile, spend an average of $1,700 for each cruise.

Here’s what your money can buy when you take a voyage with us:

  • All accommodations, food and amenities are free of charge (you save money on hotels and food)
  • You get free connection to a Wi-Fi allowing you to update your social media accounts of your trip
  • You get shuttled from the vessel to the downtown area, and vice versa
  • You get free beverages (as long as it’s not alcoholic)
  • Liquor prices are discounted, including wines which cost about half with us compared to when you buy them on shore

With all the activities lined up in any of our vessels, you won’t have time to be bored. Perception aside, most of our guests are young and active (although we do love our retirees), and they want to mingle and socialize.

Here are some of the activities during the duration of your trip:

  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Gym and aerobics
  • Movies or the Dreamworks experience
  • Plays and lectures
  • Fitness classes
  • Dancing and music
  • Kids’ play areas
  • Ice skating
  • Mini golf
  • Outdoor movie screen as you soak in the pool
  • Rock climbing
  • Play basketball, tennis and volleyball

When you dine at our restaurant, it’s like being pampered in a Michelin-rated bistro. This is one of the reasons why you get great value for money when you go into an ocean or river cruise because you always get treated to a delectable feast.

Every day is an adventure for your eyes and taste buds. We always like to surprise our guests with a mouthwatering spread that they subconsciously look forward to meal time every time they are on board the ship.

  • Authentic Italian cuisine at Giovanni’s Table
  • Get a taste of the international cuisine at the Windjammer’s café
  • Premium cut steaks at Chops Grille cooked just the way you like it
  • Burgers and fries in the ‘50s-themed café at Johnny Rockets
  • Have a perfect cup of coffee at Café Latte-Tudes
  • Grab a beer or pint at the English Pub or the Schooner Bar

You want cooking or baking lessons for you or your kids? We can certainly arrange that!

Our knowledgeable chefs and instructors will accompany you in one of the tours for an explosion of senses. Not only will you get to sample the local cuisine on the shore, you will also leave with a new appreciation of the customs and culture of the area through food.

Or how about a food truck? You won’t ever look at hotdogs the same way again with our SeaPlex Dog House, where gourmet hotdogs are served.

  • 5-star accommodations at a fraction of a price
  • Elegant interior that reminds you of a 5-star hotel
  • Luxurious bed and linens that guarantee a good night’s sleep each time
  • Massages and reflexology services on call to soothe those tired muscles and nerves
  • Almost 1:1 in staff to guest ratio

But really, you don’t take a cruise just to be stuck on the ship in the vast ocean. No matter how much we try to get you preoccupied, seeing the same sight everyday can quickly get monotonous. Don’t worry. Have we got an adventure planned for you!

Choose Stamford Discovery for your Viking Ocean Cruise and River Cruise. Aside from regional destinations, we also offer international cruises like in South America, Caribbean, Panama Canal, Scandinavia, Brazil and the Amazon, US and the Bahamas, the Baltic Sea, Canary Island, Alaska and Canada, Cuba, South Africa and as far as Antarctica.

If this is the first time for you, we would be honored to have the opportunity to introduce you to cruise living. We guarantee that with your experience with us, you will never look at cruises the same way again.

Let the experienced team of cruise enthusiasts at Port & Porters help you curate your bespoke journeys.